About us

Our story

Tenute Lu Spada was founded in 2015, arising from a group of friends who shared a vision: reviving the ancient winemaking tradition in Brindisi, a city whose territory is historically considered to be “the land of wine”. 

In just a few years’ time, we managed to retrieve and convert to organic a land historically committed to viticulture, to restore an old masseria in between the vineyards creating a cozy tasting area, the wine shop and the office.

Brindisi, a taste of history

Viticulture tradition is ancient in Brindisi, it originated with the Messapian and continued with Greeks and Romans. Writers as Horace and Pliny the Elder already narrated the wines of Brindisi in 30 b.C. The commercial amphorae manufactured in Brindisi during the Roman Empire testify the noteworthy winemaking past.

We are committed to producing fine wines that enrich the taste and soul.


The Estate is mostly composed of native grapes as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera di Brindisi, Susumaniello, Minutolo and Primitivo, we also cultivate Vermentino. Our wines have a strong identity and are indissolubly bond to their terroir.


The limestone and clay-rich soils, the favorable climate conditions, the proximity to the sea and to the Cillarese lake, contribute to the high quality of grapevines which give birth to our elegant wines, rich in aromas and flavors.

The new Winery

Tenute Lu Spada Winery rises in the immediate proximity of the Cillarese faunal protected area and the natural park surrounding its lake. It is located only two kilometers away from the Adriatic Sea, immersed into our vineyards.
The whole complex has been designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, short chain oriented and devoted to organic cultivation.
The complex comprises multiple units; some of them will represent the heart of the company’s activities, the so-called “corte”.
The main building, newly constructed, is dedicated to wine production; this area takes inspiration from the old winemaking facilities that used to be numerous in Brindisi town.
Next to the winery, a barrique cellar will preserve our wines so that they are able to mature and age.
On the main street, across the communal road 14 that goes down to the park and in between the vineyards, we have recovered an ancient building, now dedicated to wine promotion and wine tasting.
All around this building, we planted an orchard made of autochthonous varieties and an orange, lemon grove as the old “marancito”.
From the rooftop of the building, it is possible to enjoy the view over the lake, the vineyards and the orchard.
An additional preexistent rural artifact will host the wine shop and the offices.
The entire complex with its vineyards, the olive tree grove and the orchard will be made available for events, initiatives, experiential tourism. Our team will be glad to host and entertain wine lovers, young people and children.