Philonianum, Susumaniello Salento IGT

Volume: 13%
Grape: Susumaniello (black somarello)
Soil: high clay content – sea level
Vine training: bush vine and espalier vine, cordon spurred
Yield per hectare: 110 ql.
Grape harvest: by hand at the beginning of October
Wine fermentation: in steel tank
Ageing: a year in steel and 3 months in bottle
Color: ruby red
Flavors: Fruity notes, pomegranate, red fruits and plum with a spicy background
Taste: fruity and mellow
Pairing: grilled red meats, savory vegetables as chicory and turnip greens
Serving temperature: 18/20 °C

16,00 iva inclusa


Additional information

We have reconstructed the path of an ancient wine produced in Brindisi through the fragments of amphorae dating from 19
B. C. and found at the Masada fortress city located in Giudea.
The name of the wine was “Philonianum”, and the amphorae displayed a Brindisi’s family seal, Laenius.
As we take inspiration from Brindisi historical winemaking tradition, we chose to name our Susumaniello after this wine, as we did for Masada, our Negroamaro DOC Brindisi.

Philonianum is deep red, rich with total acidity, dry, elegant with austere taste. It is suitable for ageing and refining in the bottle.