Your own row of vineyard

Your own row of vineyard at Tenute Lu Spada

We are located in Brindisi, where history, since the times of the Messapians and then the Romans, has expressed itself by enhancing a territory that has always been suited to viticulture. Our vineyards grow along the old Appian Way, not far from the sea, close to a protected area, in a plain rich in fertile lands. The scent of the grape mixes with that of the earth and the sea, giving glimpses and landscapes of great emotion. From this story, from these lands, from these vineyards, a wine can only be born that is an expression of this territory and of the native vines such as negroamaro, susumaniello, malvasia nera di Brindisi, minutolo. To which we have added Vermentino which is not a native variety but which expresses itself very well benefiting from the proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Our wine is born from a process that starts from the vineyard, continues with the harvest, refinement and ends with bottling. And all following, in every step, rigorous biological practices that allow us to be certified for productions that, by dispensing with any chemical treatment, tend to safeguard the land and the well-being of consumers.


Now imagine experiencing all this first-hand: entering our vineyards with us, being the protagonist of a unique experience that has been handed down in Brindisi since before the birth of Christ, made up of dexterity, passion, experience and patience. Imagine tasting the grapes directly from the plant while learning and discovering everything that revolves around the production of wine: from the vineyard to the cellar. Imagine the feeling of tasting the wines that you have helped to create by following the vineyard step by step, the processes and finally the most meaningful and emotional moment: the harvest.


Owner’s name and surname on a plate at the beginning of the row 1 case of 6 bottles of wine produced from the variety of the chosen row and 1 selection of 6 mixed bottles of other wines chosen from our IGP Salento. 20% discount on all products for the entire year of adoption of the row Participation in the stages of processing of the vine including the harvest Periodic report via email to follow each stage of the history of your wine Certificate of adoption with your name Possibility to visit the vineyard at any time of the year, 2 free glasses every time you visit Free registration to the Wine Society with dedicated events



You can adopt one or more rows with your name or that of another person, it can be a gift idea for any occasion! Adoption fee 300 euros a year for a row of new plants 350 euros for a row of 60-year-old saplings with which Masada is produced (renewable the following year)



If you too would like to join to live this fantastic experience up close, you can do so by clicking here or by writing directly to info@tenuteluspada.it, we will be ready and happy to provide you with all the information you need.


Is the adoption done for a third person?

Are you the owner of a restaurant, a wine shop or a business?

Follow the link to discover how you can adopt a row and receive special advantages as personalized labes and more.

Terms and conditions:

The cost of adoption can be divided among several subjects.

The plaque affixed at the beginning of the row can bear up to 2 names. 

The bottles of wine included can be collected upon signing the adoption contract and paying the fee. If the adopted variety is not available at the time of the signature (for reasons due to refinement of the wines, bottling times, etc.) the company will deliver the bottles as soon as possible and within the year of validity of the adoption.

The costs for shipping the wines abroad will be billed to the adopter.

Are you the owner of a restaurant, a wine shop or a business?