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Line History

From the Turin daily newspaper LA STAMPA, dated – Saturday 19 July 1986

“The king of Israel did not respect religious norms”.
It was sent to him from Brindisi – Evidence on amphorae found at Masada
Archaeologists Joseph Geiger and Hannah Cotton of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on the most recent excavations at Masada have uncovered many fragments of Roman amphorae found in various locations in the ancient Roman Empire. According to scholars, the discovery proves that King Herod preferred imported wines to local ones, because he and his court considered them superior, or perhaps out of a kind of snobbery.
The name of Herod’s wine was <<Philonianum>> and came from a particular vineyard that produced refined oenological products. The winegrower’s name was Laenius and he belonged to a family from Brindisi (Brundisium), as the finds attest.

Masada, rosso Brindisi DOC – Negroamaro
Philonianum, rosso Salento IGT – biologico Susumaniello
Laenius malvasia nera IGT Salento

Line Nature

The Nyroca, Tuffetto, Moriglione and Avocetta labels are named after some of the migratory and aquatic birds that nest and winter near our vineyards, in the wildlife oasis of Lake Cillarese. These waters create ideal humidity conditions that, together with the sea breezes from the nearby Adriatic Sea, benefit the vineyards and keep them healthy.

Moriglione, rosso Salento IGT – biologico Primitivo
Nyroca, rosso Salento IGT – biologico Negroamaro
Avocetta, bianco Salento IGT – biologico Minutolo
Tuffetto, rosato Salento IGT – biologico Negroamaro

Special and limited editions

The Grigiombra and Fuocorosa labels, created in a limited edition in 2019 as a tribute to one of our loved ones who is no longer with us, are dedicated to art and poetry. Both wines represent a fresh interpretation of the Salento tradition. The rosé is the result of an unusual blend, while the white comes from a grape variety that, although it does not belong to our area, blends perfectly with the sea breezes of the Adriatic Sea.

Grigiombra, bianco Salento IGT – biologico Vermentino
Fuoco Rosa, rosato Salento IGT – biologico Negroamaro e Susumaniello